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I have been with this company for 3 years and have rented to own every piece of furniture in my home. They have always treated me w/ respect as a top customer, until I got a bedroom set from them recently.

They recovered a mattress that is very uncomfortable. I had decided to give it back after month 1 but was told manager that I could switch out for no different price the same mattress and would recieve in 4 days.

well 2 weeks pass, the bed fell apart injuring my 6 years old it took 1 week for them to fix it. Then the manager was hostile claiming that he told me I had to pay for the mattress and that it was 35 extra a month but to give them back the mattress i have to get a new one would only take

off 6.00 from the entire bill are you serious, can he add. I guess he is to busy coaxing me into 3 months of payment before he started to act like an ***. Insulting me asking me if i have common sense and making rude remarks.

I use to think this store was of true quality, but I guess since I have spent so much money now I just get disrespect. Everyone one tells me to send the *** back and i am still tempted too after the total disrespect.

my new years resolution never to go back to this store and to matters worse the mangers family owns the store. i would have appreciated an apology and just simple respect and honest instead of the bait and switch tactic used and the ignorant disrespectful character portrayed by the manager.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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